Hello, We're
Bob and Edie Gentile

Thank you for visiting and we congratulate you for taking the first step towards controlling your health and your future!

I want to take a moment to tell you a little about our journey.

My husband, Bob, has been in this business since the late 70's. As a firefighter/paramedic/fire investigator for 33 years, Bob wanted a retirement business that would be an extension of his career and way of life. I was a Network Administrator for 24 years. My girls were too old for daycare and I didn't want them coming home to an empty house. 

After we were married, Bob introduced me to his brand partner, Shaklee Corporation, its products and, of course, the business. Integrity is key in this type of business. We knew that before we could build a successful business and share the products and benefits, we had to incorporate them into our own daily lives. We also needed a simple step-by-step process to introduce the business to help us train others. Enter The Freedom Project and the concept of a mini-office outlet.

In the years since we incorporated Shaklee products into our lives, shared them with others and taught others how to start their own mini-office outlet, we continue to build a successful Shaklee business.  When you click on the link "Learn How I Do It" from the Home page, you will begin an evaluation process that will help you determine if this business is right for you. There's no cost, so what do you have to lose except a little bit of your time?

Using The Freedom Project to introduce Shaklee products and business opportunity has helped us to realize our dreams of earning a living from home, an additional retirement income and the ability to travel to our kids and their families wherever they are living. We live happier and healthier lives, and have an awesome business for our retirement years.

The most rewarding part of this business is sharing what we've learned and helping others achieve their desire for a better lifestyle. This part of our business is priceless, because when one of our team succeeds, it gives us a sense of accomplishment that has no dollar figure.

Bob and I would like to help you find Natural Solutions to enhance your way of life and help you realize your dreams through your own home-based business!  We look forward to meeting you.

God Bless.